My name is Alan Campbell and I am an amateur photographer located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  
I've always had an interest in photography but it's really only been in the past 5 years, when I first got my first serious mirror-less camera, that I started to catch the 'photography bug'.  Today I have moved completely over from Nikon to Fuji X and I have never looked back.
For me photography is all about how I see something, my perspective and how I can imagine using the light and the shadows being cast on the scene.  At the start of my photography journey I always saw things in colour but over time I have now come to appreciate and love the black and white format too.  
Nature and landscape photography has been my passion and going forward I will keep this focus but I will be using additional techniques such as long exposure, focus stacking and infrared to capture movement and other aspects not visible to the naked eye.  
I hope you enjoy my portfolio website and if you have any questions then please contact me.
~ Alan

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